• Turning old concept into new
    with ‘Technology’

We modernize old ways of things with Technology.

We bring business online while improving it and always searching for
new ways to make it better and more fitting with our digital era.

About Concept Reach

We are team of young people who follow the same passion


  • Pop
    Suwichapol Jinnawong

    Focus. Learn. Execute. Repeat.

  • Zue
    Chawalit Aojanepong

    If you don't feel the pressure, you arent doing enought.

  • Earth
    Athip Tangsuksawangporn

  • Touch
    Gittitouch Apisaksirikul

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Perth
    Woratana Ngarmtrakulchol

Our Team

At Concept reach, we are a team of 5 talented software engineer that have expertise in digital solution design and Website development. We understand the need for modern and unique products that will fit our customer’s needs and custom our software fit to them.

Our Vision

As Concept Reach, we dive straight in to understand how people are doing business in a certain market to identify the problems and inconveniences that come with it. Being a tech company, we focus on ‘Reaching’ out to old concept, old ways, and old system and turning it new with our product. We bring business online while improving it and always searching for new ways to make it better and more fitting with our digital era.

Our goal is to get rid of all current pain and complication of doing business ‘the old way’

Our Projects:

  • Deehub is a customize crowdsourcing Tee-Art community that aims to support Thai artist. We believe that there are lots of are lots of Thai artist with great designs but lack the means of production and distribution. Deehub will provide those means to artist and also provide great customizable and unique Tees for everyone!

    We also provide an easy way of making your own group-Tees for gang of friends, co-workers and family. Deehub keeps an archive for convenient re-order or just in case people see that your Tee is cool and wants one!

  • We understand the pain of getting a formal photo ready and with our generation it is becoming too much of a hassle. Not only is it time consuming, they are quite expensive too! easyid.photo is an easy way to order formal photos without having to leave your home or workplace and half the price! With our easy to use web app and guidelines, you can finish your order in 5 minutes and have your photo delivered to you in only 1-2 days.

Our Services

display mobile user-tie stats-dots

Web Development

Design and develop the suitable solutions with the latest reliable technology as a core to serve business needs

Mobile Application

iOS and Android development with the performance-driven and user centric-mindset

SEO & Online Marketing

Plan and managing online marketing, from content strategy, SEO audits and consult, to optimize online ads campaigns effectively and accurately

Business solution consultant

Analyze the business overall strategies, define the problems/pains, create the valuable solutions in creative and innovative way

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